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Live Coaching Sessions

  • Want to just be heard? Bryan and Erika ask questions that show you are not alone.
  • Get the perspective from a man and a woman.
  • Get a customized plan to implement the tools right away.

    {if you put in the work!}

Online Courses

      • Not sure if you want to talk to someone quite yet about what you are going through?

        That’s okay!

      • Cover the BASIC MUST HAVES in ANY relationship.

      • Learn the 6 Steps  to make communication simple to understand and easy to implement.

        {if you put in the work!}

Marriage Basics 

  • Wondering what questions you need to make sure you cover before you get married?
  • Want to learn how to make your marriage last when life happens?
  • Bryan and Erika make sure you are prepared and cover the MUST HAVE conversations.

  • Bryan also is a licensed pastor and created a customized wedding ceremony if you’d like!


What Are Couples Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our #powercouples do the talking!

Cody & Chelsea

What has been the discussion or topic that has meant the most to you?

Religion. Cody and I have struggled with our feelings surrounding church. We grew up in the church, but after moving away and becoming friends with people from culturally diverse backgrounds, we reexamined our own thoughts based around religion and we started to see how hypocritical the church seemed to us.

Where we wanted to see love we saw hate and fear from those who considered themselves pretty devout church goers.

Bryan was great because he wasn’t offended or angry at us for being angry with the church. Instead he told us that our feelings had validation and encouraged us to not lose hope in the church. To find a group of people we felt we could worship whole heartedly with again.

How does what we do compare to what you have seen or heard about with typical counseling?

We’ve heard horror stories about counseling. Awkward moments, arguments, feeling judged, being told “the right way” to live life. We didn’t experience any of that with Bryan and Erika.

We’ve been telling our engaged friends to RELAX, with the right people the process can be fun and insightful, not dreadful.

If there was anything you would want to share with anyone considering working with us, what would you share?

Bryan and Erika are easy to talk to. They know how to facilitate conversation to make opening up easier. Cody and I didn’t feel as if we were being judged for our opinions or past actions.

We felt relaxed and free to speak openly.

What has been your greatest experience in the time we have spent together?

I thought the love languages were really cool to learn about! And obviously the wedding was my favorite overall experience. Everything you said was great and I loved how it wasn’t super serious it was awesome!

What has been the discussion or topic that has meant the most to you?

Talking about who God really is and realizing that we shouldn’t feel as if he’s mad at us and we shouldn’t feel guilty.

How does what we do compare to what you have seen or heard about with typical counseling?

Normally it’s all in person and it’s very serious and strict. With us living so far away it was nice to be able to do it through FaceTime, it was really convenient. And we felt open to talk with them. We didn’t feel embarrassed or scared to talk about certain things.

If there was anything you would want to share with anyone considering working with us, what would you share?

How nice it is that you’re closer in age with us than older pastors and you’re not here to judge us you’re here to learn about us and help us love each other forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed counselors?
Bryan is a licensed pastor through The Brethren Church and with the State of Ohio. Bryan and Erika have been helping couples since 2011 and have realized that God has given them the gifts and talents to help equip couples with the tools that they themselves have seen completely change their marriage. The role they take is a coach role rather than a counselor. They have found great success with this and can’t wait to help you in your relationship!
Are our conversations confidential?
Yes. All of our conversations are confidential unless you authorize us otherwise.
How do we talk during our Couple 2 Couple live video coaching?
We use one of the following platforms for our live video coaching: FaceTime, Facebook Video Calls or Zoom. Whatever works best for you!
What is the difference between Video eCourses and Couple 2 Couple Coaching?
Bryan & Erika have created eCourses to help couples who want to help improve their relationship in specific topic areas but would rather work without a third party, at least at first. Couple 2 Couple Coaching does a more customized approach of those same topics covered in the eCourses but helping the couple impliment it in their relationship.
How much time is required?

eCourses: Usually a total of 45 min combined video along with a packet to coordinate with each section (usually 7 sections in each eCourse).

2 + 2 Live Coaching: We ask you commit to a minimum of 6 coaching sessions, 1 session each month for 6 months to provide enough time to work through the topic you choose to discuss. Each session will be 60 min long. {Bonus of doing it live via video: No babysitters needed because we can do it during bedtime AND no travel time!}

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