Date Night #1: Game Night In
Cost: {$15}

We seriously LOVEEEEEE games but finding 2 player games that don’t suck, is harrrrddd. But after years and years (we kid you not), we have found a few that are awesome and are continuing to look for more!

Grab a coffee or glass of wine and crack open one of these great games!

Make bets to each other on who’s going to win, have fun with it!

Sequence: Light strategy with cards
5 Second Rule: Hilarious game that will have you laughing for hours
5 Second Rule – Uncensored: the Uncensored version which really isn’t too bad & lots of “Did you really just say that!?!” moments (in a good way)
Patchwork: Super simple and utilizes your brain a little like tetris. (First played this game at our local Game Café, Table Top)
Skipbo: A card game that allows you to be competitive but talk at the same time!
Battleship: It’s a classic – so why not!
Guess Who: Yesss we still play this, an oldy but a goody.

Date Night #2: Romantic Movie Night In
Cost: {$7}

Who doesn’t like a night watching something that makes you laugh and cry and cuddle up next to each other?!?

Get out some candles ($ – buy the cheap tea lights at the dollar store!) And rent either from the library or Redbox or watch through Netflix or Hulu for little to no money! And now its time to pop that popcorn!!!!

Here are a variety of movies in different genres we have watched that we had a great time watching:

Bad Moms
Inside Out
Invention of Lying
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
What To Expect When Your Expecting: (Side note: If you are currently expecting a baby, nothing will make you two laugh any harder at how true this really is! We used this movie as comedy relief when I was pregnant.)
+ Netflix binge on a series: White Collar

Date Night #3:Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Question Game
Cost: {$15}

Seriously one of our faves. We always loved chocolate covered strawberries but they were always so freaking expensive so we would get one on Valentines Day if that and then not again for another year.

Now we have them once a month! It’s super easy! Melt chocolate chips in a bowl and swirl the strawberries in it – BOOM. You are done. #3minutes

Then the second part of the date is the question game. We have some great conversation starters that are great when you aren’t sure what to talk about or just want to try something different to spark your conversations.

Date Night #4: Wine & Cheese Tasting
Cost: {$15}

We have been to some wine tastings and LOVE them. But why not hit up Aldi’s and either get a few different cheeses – sometimes they have variety packs (Aldi’s is known for having some awesome European cheeses) and a bottle of $4 win (Winking Owl win at Aldi’s is AWESOME!) and have a great night!

Maybe make it fun and try to guess what the cheeses are without looking and then rate them on a scale 1-10!

Added Bonus: Have some leftover tea light candles from the Movie Date Night? Light some to add some ambiance!

Date Night #5: Coffee Talks
Cost: {$15}

Go to a local coffee shop that has a great atmosphere, get coffees and maybe a little pastry and dream about the future together.

We loved it when we did this!

We curled up into a little 2 person table at our local Starbucks and dreamt away about the next year and what we want it to look like and then next 5 years where we want to be.

Date Night #6: Fancy Dessert Date Night
Cost: {$15}

Can you tell that we like sweets?? lol But we love going to our local Rosewood Grill or any restaurant that is more upscale and grab a fancy dessert to share.

You could possibly even sip on a glass of wine together too depending on where you go!

In the good weather months find a restaurant with an outdoor patio (look for a good atmosphere).

Use this time to check in and see how your partner is doing and what things they are thankful for and what things they might be struggling with.

Date Night #7:Symbol of Your Future Dreams
Cost: {$15}

Go to TJ Maxx (you can always find great deals on hidden treasures here – we love this store) and pick up one thing that is a symbol for you and your spouse to see at home on a daily basis as a reminder of what you two are working towards.

Date Night #8: Serve Someone Together
Cost: {$7 – $15}

Create a meal or cookies for a neighbor or co-worker that is having a hard time and you just want to bring them a little light into their lives.

As you do this, talk about when God has brought you two through tough times and thank Him for providing through the people who were there for you guys!

{When people did things like this for us when we were jobless and had 2.5 littles to feed, this meant the world to us. So this one hits pretty close to home for us.}

Date Night #9: Chopped Cooking Challenge
Cost: {$15}

Go to the grocery store – the challenge is, buy 5 ingredients you can use to create a fancy romantic meal with but you can only spend $5 and use whatever else you have in your pantry.

We will be doing this one soon and will post what we have created!

Date Night #10: Grow Old Together
Cost: {FREE – $15}

Go to a thrift store and find outfits that show each other what you might look like when you “grow old together” and have a selfie shoot! Get ready for a lot of laughs on this date!

Post pictures with #connectedcouples #15dollardate @thebakerstv – we would LOVE to see your pictures!!!

Date Night #11: Scavenger Hunt in Local Museum
Cost: {$5 or so, depending on parking}

Try your local art museum, natural history museum, federal reserve museum and more!

Maybe you aren’t super into museums like us and want to make it fun? Use this Scavenger Hunt List to use with your spouse to spice it up a bit.

Tip: use street parking for cheaper parking instead of the parking garages.

1) Find the oldest item and how old is it?
2) Find someone that looks like it could be your spouses relative
3) Find the prettiest thing there
4) Find something you feel you could have made yourself
5) What’s the craziest thing that you never knew before being here?
6) Find something from 1929
7) Find something that references another couple

Date Night #12: Chocolate Blind Taste Test
Cost: {$15}

Buy $15 worth of different types of chocolate and do a blind taste test – use one of his ties as a blindfold and let the tasting begin!

{Yes – we may have a chocolate addiction lol}

The Bakers | 12 Unique Date Night Ideas for $15 or Less